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School building and schoolyard in the evening

What is the best roof for school buildings?

Much like apartment buildings, schools and colleges are commercial buildings and need roofing that is not only cost effective, but long lasting, energy efficient, and easily maintained. And it’s of course the most important to keep young learners safe in these buildings. Fortunately, a well maintained and cost effective roof is one of the ways to do that. So what goes into consideration when shopping for roofing materials?

So what kind of roof does this leave us?

Let's find out our options below.

School building exterior and schoolyard with green grass in front on a sunny evening.

What is the best roof for a school?

Sloped (Pitched) Roof

One of the main roofing types is a ‘sloped’ or ‘pitched’ roof. It’s extremely common

Home residential buildings with wooden house roof attics against a cloudy sky

1 - More Cost effective

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In conclusion...

If you’re needing a flat roof built as part of an apartment complex – we specialize in flat roofs for apartment complexes! Just give us a call or drop by our office.